ONeal MX Clothing for the Stylish Cyclist

ONeal MX clothing has been made to be durable, hardwearing and stylish the 3 things you would be looking for from your mountain biking clothing. If you like to take part in mountain bike races regularly then you will need some protective gear that will stop you from getting hurt should any accidents happen. ONeal MX makes everything from body armour through to strong and padded jackets and trousers to ensure your safety. What sets ONeal MX apart from many other bike brands is that their clothes are highly stylised with bright colours and strong patterns.

O’Neal MX Off Roading and Racing

If you are serious about your cycling then you won’t be someone that will want just your average sportswear. You will need some clothing that is protective rather than purely stylish because if you come off your bike at any speed you don’t want to slide along the ground and end up covered in cuts and grazes. The clothing from O’Neal has been reinforced particularly around the elbows and knees to provide extra protection if you should fall.

For the serious rider you can buy some body armour which is worn underneath your outer clothing layer. The armour protects the chest, shoulders and back this is very important if you are going to take part in rough off road races. O’Neal also makes kidney belts which protect the internal organs from any damage that could be inflicted from a crash. These don’t come cheap but it is well worth the investment if you are taking part in such dangerous sports. The trousers have also been reinforced to protect your legs during racing, from the knee down on the inside to prevent the trousers from snagging. There is spandex in the material to allow plenty of movement as you are cycling. You don’t want your trousers to be restrictive and uncomfortable when you want the sole focus to be winning the race and doing the best you can.

O’Neal MX Style and Fashion

O’Neal understands that you don’t just want to be safe but you would like to look good too, so they have combined these 2 elements to create a great range of clothing. Each item is distinct and bright so you will definitely be noticed on the track. The overall look is quite 80’s or 90’s with acid brights and big graphic images set against a black background. The clothes also have that cool baggy look which is popular amongst young riders, they are tight enough that nothing would get trapped as you cycle. The material used is technical to make sure that you get the most out of each race without you overheating and experiencing any difficulties whilst still looking cool out on the track. So if you are serious about your riding O’Neal is the company for you, you can get kitted out from head to toe. The internet is the perfect place to find a huge amount of O’Neal clothing for great prices so why not investigate and get you a bargain.